7 Steps to a Better Career

7 Steps to a Better Career

Improving your career with a career counselor
1. Take responsibility for managing your career. Don’t wait until you are either out of work, stressed out or frustrated enough to revitalize your career.

2. Understand that the old way of working for a company with loyalty and job security– is gone. Even if you currently work for someone else, think of yourself as an entrepreneur.

3. Accept and work with change. It’s probable that you will have several careers during your life, possibly as a result of changes outside of your control.

4. Create and grow a strong social network. Reaching out to people on a regular basis will strengthen your ability to drive your career.

5. Build and develop your personal image. To be marketable to hiring managers, experience and education are not enough. You are not your job and employment history. If you visualize and communicate your value proposition and present yourself as a complete person, as opposed to what your resume represents, you will improve your marketability.

6. Establish and cultivate your professional reputation. It goes everywhere and is greatly impacted by social media. A positive reputation can be a game-changing difference.

7. Accept the fact that you are not your job. Believing that your position is who you are is a huge mistake. If you are happy or unhappy with your job, believing that it is who you are, is an error in judgment. Reflect on the reputation that you would want to leave in this world and communicate your pride by defining personal success stories.