Resume, Interviewing, LinkedIn, Elevator Pitch, Cover Letter

Steven is a wonderful career coach. He is incredibly knowledgeable and really wants to help you. During a single meeting he was able to help me revamp my resume, cover letter, elevator pitch, and LinkedIn profile. He also helped me prepare for an interview, and provided me with great advice on networking and the job search process. With Steven’s guidance, I felt comfortable and confident throughout my job search. It was a pleasure to work with Steven, I would highly recommend him. A.N. January 24, 2018

Resume, Interviewing, LinkedIn

Hi Steven,

I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to work with me last month. With your guidance I was invited to a number of interviews and I was able to find a new job. Thanks for your help! A.N. January 18, 2018

Resume, LinkedIn

This is my first experience with a career coach and I thought Steve did a superb job. He was extremely professional and has a lot of experience on the hiring side of the technology sector which is exactly what I was looking for. He not only revamped my resume and Linked In profile, he provided me a lot of additional advice and “out of scope” assistance. I am 100% satisfied with his service and would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested. I will most likely be contacting him in the future for additional assistance with interview preparations. E.B. January 3, 2018

Resume, LinkedIn

Steven has a very collaborative approach, which I appreciated – he has a lot of experience as a recruiter which he shares freely, but also elicits questions and feedback from you to make sure any changes implemented feel comfortable and appropriate for your own unique situation. A.R. January 2, 2018

Resume, LinkedIn

Working with Steven was absolutely wonderful. He was extremely detailed and asked a lot of questions about my current/past experience to get a full understanding of what exactly I was trying to communicate on my resume. He is extremely knowledge about HR and recruiters and what they are looking for. He gave fantastic advice on resume and LinkedIn strategies, as well as advice on industry specific questions I had. He truly cares about helping you succeed and it shows in his work and approach! A.R. December 21, 2017

Job Search Strategy

Steven is the first career coach I have ever worked with and set a great standard to hold others to in the future. I loved the structure he set around the call and what I should expect from our conversation. More than that, I am deeply appreciative of the honest feedback he gave me. Without this, I would still have my blinders on regarding what type of role I’m qualified for. He’s very personable and knowing how much he cares about his clients put me at ease to be up front about my hopes and challenges. This coaching session was well worth the money and I would love to work with him again. Quickly after our call he shared a detailed follow-up plan which I’m using now. I.V. December 21, 2017

Resume Coaching

Steven was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. E.B. December 16, 2017

Resume Coaching

Steven crafted a beautiful resume for me, pointed out items that I had not thought important, and also gave me some great pointers for finding a better job that suites what I want and my skill set. He explained his reasoning behind why he did what he did to my resume along with additional information to ensure I get the position I deserve. The time i spent with him was well worth the money. B.C. November 21, 2017

Resume Coaching

Steven was very knowledgeable, insightful and efficient. October 23, 2017

Interview Coaching

Hi Steven!

I wanted to thank you again for your time, and let you know that I was invited to Cupertino for a face-to-face series of interviews. I’ll be talking to six different people from 9am to noon on October 30th. I’m confident that this will be the easy part for me. Judging by my interviewers’ LinkedIn profiles, we’ll be talking a lot of tech and a lot of shop. Your calls have been incredibly helpful, and I’m very appreciative of your help in getting me this far through the process. B.K. October 17, 2017


Ultimate Job Search

Steven was extremely helpful. His sincere and genuine approach helped make a very nerve racking experience go very smoothly, He provided great feedback and a lot of market insight. The dialogue was very thought provoking and helped me better develop a better interview preparation and “my message” plan. I feel better prepared on how to articulate my contributions, accomplishments and skills. I feel better prepared on how to differentiate myself in a competitive job market. October 16, 2017

Interview Coaching

This was my second call with Steven, and he did a fantastic job. I really appreciate his willingness to work with my schedule and find time to work with me. B.C. October 11, 2017

Resume, LinkedIn

Steven was friendly and approachable as well as being incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. His experience as a coach and a recruiter provided me with suggestions on how to best represent myself when on the job hunt. A.D. September 24, 2017

Job Search Strategy

Hi Steve,

I wanted to follow up and you know I’ve found a great new job and will be relocating to Chicago! I’ll be working at a market research firm. I’ll be running a small team on the marketing/communications side that oversees some web content, email marketing, and social media. Thanks again for all of your help. Your coaching and resume review definitely helped me stand out!  S.A. September 25, 2017

Resume + LinkedIn

Steven made it very easy not only to modify my C.V & LinkedIn, but in addition taught me how to talk about my experience once I am at the interview in a more meaningful way. He has a great perspective on the hiring process, and really turned my shaky doubtful demeanor, into a more confident one. I cannot recommend him highly enough, he cares about you, and wants you to feel at ease with the process – even though it can be one filled with self-doubt. It also helps he has a fantastic sense of humor, and really walks you through your C.V. and explains what is superfluous and what is truly meaningful to the hiring manager. E.G. September 15, 2017

Resume Review

He was responsive , informative and professional. I would recommend using him for his resume service! C.F. September 2, 2017

Resume + Linked In

Steven is a very insightful individual. He has the innate ability in assisting you in recognizing skills that may not be obvious, but is crucial for a job of interest. He takes the time, to work with you, on what is important for you to be successful. He makes his work meaningful by working on your resume, based on your top two job considerations. His presentation and communication skills are focused on crafting a resume to assist you in getting an interview. I highly recommend Steven and it was a pleasure working with him. D.F. August 25, 2017

30 Minute Q&A

Steven took the time to look through my resume and survey information before our call, which gave him good context for giving me advice. The call was great, and I’d be happy to refer him to my friends and colleagues. B.C. August 4, 2017

Resume Review

Working with Steven has been both demanding and rewarding. I am very happy with the end result. P. F. June 29, 2017

Resume Review, LinkedIn

Steve was great! I want to take him with me in my ear on every interview!’ H.R. June 24, 2017

Resume Review, LinkedIn

Steve’s knowledge and experience are of great value to anyone looking to improve their odds of getting the job they want to fulfill. Although I was getting interviews, Steve was able to point out a few things that were fundamentally incorrect; furthermore, he explained the reasons and suggested corrections. H.G.June 21, 2017

Resume Review

Steven was great to work with; he was responsive and timely in deliverables. He provided great feedback based on my experience and goals. He also gave me some straight forward advice that I hadn’t thought of when looking for a job which has really helped me focus my search. He has a extensive background in recruiting and coaching which he passed along to me helping me to look at my resume through the eyes of a recruiter. I am very happy with my experience! T.M. June 14, 2017

Resume Review

Steve is great to work with. He took so much time getting to know me and understand my experience and it showed in my new resume. Steve offers sound advice and brings years of recruiting expertise to the table. Best of all he’s fun! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Steve and would say he’s a must if you’re in marketing. S.G. June 9, 2017

Resume Review

Steven was great. He was personable and a good listener. Did a great job of probing for more information, and asking difficult questions (also gets your ready for your inevitable interview questions). More importantly, he helped me create a focused resume that will get through ATS and land me that interview! He has a ton of experience, and also provides good overall insight when appropriate. J.C. June 1, 2017

Job Search Strategy

Working with Steven was a very positive experience and included practical advice and savvy guidance on how to advance within my industry. J.C. May 19, 2017

Job Search Strategy

Steven provided a step-by-step strategy. I highly recommend working with Steven. J.V. May 9, 2017

Interviewing On Demand

Hi Mr. Davis,

Thank you. My interviews went really well. I got the college assistant position! The interview was a great conversation, we connected, we laughed and she liked me so much that she offered me the job on the spot. I was really happy to get that job and to have put your suggestions to use, they worked beautifully and I start on Monday.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. The other interview confirmed for me that I wanted the college assistant position better and I’m happy that I will be working again.

I hope we can continue to be in touch. You have been of great assistance! Thank you, N.T. May 5, 2017

Interviewing On Demand

Hi Steven,

Thank you so much for your help with my interview, it was incredibly helpful. In fact, I got offered the position over the phone this morning!! I will get the official offer letter on Monday so I’ll know more details then, but in the meantime I wanted to let you know about the tentative offer as soon as possible. I really appreciate your excellent feedback during our session and I think it made a huge difference; in particular, I found the “next steps” notes that you typed up to be incredibly helpful. Anyway, hope you’re having a great week, and thanks again!
S.G. May 4, 2017

Resume Review

Steve loves what he does, has incredible drive, and cares about his clients. With decades of experience recruiting for some of the world’s largest industries, Steve offers the bestsellers possible perspective for those looking to make the next step in their career. I, without hesitation, highly recommend Steve. C.M. March 20, 2017

Interviewing On Demand

Steve is the ultimate professional interview coach. Having strong experience and expertise in the tech recruiting field at the senior management and executive level, he was able to provide valuable tips and techniques, so I could improve my phone screening and interviewing skills. F.G. May 3, 2017

Ultimate Job Search Methodology

Working with Steve has been a great experience! In addition to providing me with extremely helpful tips and valuable advice regarding job searches and interviews, he also did a phenomenal job with my resume. Steve listened to all of my concerns/questions regarding my job search and helped me come up with a plan to address the issues I was facing. Steve is extremely inspiring/motivating and has extensive knowledge and experience in coaching, recruiting and talent management. On top of that he’s very efficient. In just a few phone conversations, I’ve learned a great deal from him and I can’t wait to continue working with him. I *highly* recommend him to everyone!
A.A. March 20, 2017

Ultimate Job Search Methodology


It was a pleasure working with you too! I learned a lot in such a short time and I feel I have gained a number of tools that I can use from here on out.

I just applied the changes you suggested to my LinkedIn account. Would it be possible for you to give it a quick review to make sure that I did not miss anything?

I will continue my job search and I’ll be sure to stay in touch. D.D. March 8, 2017

Resume Revision

I really enjoyed working with Steven! He took the time to listen to where I am currently, want to be, and did a deep dive of my work history by asking thoughtful questions. I’ve been in a rut and he inspired me to fully believe in myself and my talents again! Resume received was right on the money! From speaking with him you can tell he has an wealth of knowledge to share. I highly recommend him! If I could I’d give him 10 STARS!!!! J.C. February 11, 2017

Resume Revision

Steve really took the time to get to know me. He asked very direct questions about my professional experiences and then turned my answers into a really stellar resume. Steve was great to work with, extremely professional and to the point. L.F. February 6, 2017

Resume Revision

Steve helped me focus and refine my resume that had gotten bloated over the years. Taking a step back and reexamining my past roles and how they lead to where I am now helped me to craft my ‘story’ of my career. D.C. February 1, 2017

Job Search Strategy

Steven was excellent! He was patient, understanding and very informative. I was surprised by the amount of time that he spent with me and how detailed he was regarding my cover letter and resume. A.K. January 29, 2017

Job Search Strategy

Working with Steve was very helpful. He was knowledgeable, direct, and his experience as a recruiter was extremely valuable to help me see things from an employer’s perspective to better work on my own job search and attracting interviews. J.A. January 7, 2017

Resume Revision, LinkedIn

Steven is a great coach. He has a lot of experience in the field and knows what can be adjusted to make a CV noticeable. I loved the way he carefully listened and then shared his thoughts. Also, he sent me a review of my CV on the 2nd of January (way ahead of schedule) because he knew how important it was for me to get it as early as possible. I’m very grateful for this. Don’t hesitate to order services from Steven, he will deliver the best quality. M.P. January 6, 2017

Job Search Strategy

It was a pleasure meeting with you this afternoon to discuss my job search, updating my resume, working on my elevator pitch, and plans and techniques for networking and performing targeted job searches. You certainly have a lot of experience and knowledge surrounding the hiring and recruiting process and I want to thank you for all the great advice you provided me. M.H. December 28, 2016

Job Search Strategy

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the invaluable and honest feedback and insights. This was a very useful session for me, helped to see clearly and objectively where I was in the job search process and what were the numerous steps I would need to take in order to improve and successfully end up with an interview.

L.D. December 2, 2016

Resume Review

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Steven and was very satisfied with the quality of work he produced. Also, he was willing to offer relevant advice based on his extensive recruiter and career coach experience. Steven is a real professional and excellent resource for anyone in transition.
J.K. November 22, 2016

Interviewing On Demand

Hi Steve, I want to update you on the job interview.
I did the interview well, I practiced that night walked in with confidence used all the tips and tricks you shared with me and i felt great after the interview was done as i was receiving good feedback. Today the hiring manager called me and offered me the position. I want to thank you so much for your help it definitely played a big part.
thank you again,
Have a great day!
E.C. November 18, 2016

Interviewing On Demand

Good evening Steven. It was a pleasure working with you earlier today to prepare for my interview. Thank you for all your advice and helpful suggestions.

I thought that the interview went very well, and remembered many of the words/phrases we discussed during our session. I felt more confident answering the questions and believe that the executive director liked me and what I had to say. I also had a more favorable view of the job and the ED after the interview. I am not sure if I will get called back for a second interview, but my hunch is that I will be contacted.

I will stay in touch and very much appreciated your help today!
R.H. November 7, 2016

Resume Revision, LinkedIn

Steven Davis is a very talented and professional career couch. I invested in his resume/LinkedIn services and I have already noticed immediate results; with my old resume, I was getting recruitment inquiries for low-paying positions. After Steven revised my resume, I am now receiving recruitment inquiries for six-figure positions that match my experience.
S.A. October 26, 2016

Career Advice, Road-map

Steve was great to work with – extremely knowledgeable with great advice. He has a way of distilling the complex task of job searching into very succinct actionable items.
P.C. October 17, 2016

Job Search Strategy/Road-Map

Working with Steven Davis was amazing, a true eye opener! He was exceedingly friendly and immediately put me at ease with something over which I was quite nervous.

He advised me as to improving the content and structure of my resume.

We spoke of my academic and professional interests. He was very encouraging of my cyber security concentration. He advised me to choose a career course, stay focused and own that choice. He informed me as to what hiring managers are looking for in a resume and in a job candidate.

I have always appreciated general principals and guidelines. Thanks to the roadmap my coach provided I have decided to complete my Undergraduate degree, pursue cyber security certifications, gain an entry level position in information security and pursue a Masters degree in computer science (focus: cyber security).
C.W. October 12, 2016

Job Search Strategy/Road-Map

Hi Steven,

Thank you very much for taking the time to write your response and for following up. I think that the advice that you gave me was impactful – in a similar way to when I took a Technical Writing course and learned that in most communication, what would otherwise be stylistic prose can actually be a distraction. That is to say – you have altered my focus and approach for the better in the job search and networking process.

My networking has been fruitful, my profile statements lead with my accomplishments, and my elevator pitch is targeted and succinct.

I’m still working on a number of the other steps that we discussed, but I am well on my way and I will update you on my progress.

Wishing you well!
W.D. September 13, 2016

Resume Review, Networking Coaching
Steven Davis is an insightful and engaging coach, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in search of an outstanding career-path mentoring experience. He provided actionable insights based on solid industry experience, and helped me to develop a fresh outlook towards career management. He also contributed extremely valuable personal branding tips–including hints on how to get more out of social media resources. Steve’s real-world-vetted advice is practical, positive, and energizing.
A.M. August 21, 2016

Job Search Strategy/Road-Map
A fabulous person, full of life and humor and compassion and understanding…and brilliant as well…Very involved in the real world and the challenges faced. Inspiring. Exceptional. Great human being and smart and wise counselor. It is a privilege to see and talk to him.
D.S. August 4, 2016

Interview Coaching
Steve was fantastic! He helped clarify me understand what various IT questions were driving at, plotted out a plan of attack, and gave very encouraging but direct and actionable feedback. I’ve felt more confident and focused in interviews since our sessions, thanks to him! Highly recommended.
M.J. August 2, 2016

Resume Revision
Steven is a joy to work with. He sincerely cares about his clients, and he’s always there for you. He constantly exceeds your expectations, and is an inspiration to everyone he meets. Whatever your goals are, Steven will be with every step of the way encouraging you and guiding you towards your dreams.
R.R. July 19, 2016

Job Search Strategy/Road-Map
Steven is an extremely insightful and talented individual. I was extremely fortunate to have his expertise available to me during my career transition. Steven was always readily available to offer his advice and consultation, and was extremely vested in seeing me reach my career goals. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone looking for career advice or interested in making a career transition.
J.F. Merck July 8, 2016

Job Search Strategy/Road-Map
Steven was effective in helping me to refine my cv summary and offered tips on job search strategies. It has been a pleasure to work with him.
G.L. July 7, 2016

Job Search Strategy/Road-Map
Great career advice from professional coach!
I had the pleasure to meet with Steven Davis for a 45 minute face to face career coach session and would like to thank for the great advice that I received. Steve’s advice proved extremely helpful during my job search especially with his help in crafting a more professional pitch and building an effective resume. I just started my new job after a 6 month search and would recommend Steve’s services to anybody seeking support with their job search in this extraordinary city!Many thanks to SIBL too
B.G. July 6, 2016

Resume Revision
Hi Steven,
Thanks so much for the rewrite. I think this format is much cleaner and uses the space better. Your revisions also promote my skills more effectively. I’ve added my graduation date in.

Thanks again,
S.B. June 22, 2016

Job Search Strategy
The most outstanding characteristic of Steven as a coach is that he truly cares for you. He understands your needs and addresses them with focus. After every meeting with him, I left with the feeling that the sky is the limit. Confidence is very important while switching careers, changing jobs, or looking for new opportunities, and Steven knows how to bring out the best of you. His holistic approach to career advise makes him a superb Coach. I always look forward to meeting with him.
S. American Express June 15, 2016

Interview Coaching
Steven was very effective in helping me refine my thoughts and comments to address what recruiters were likely concerned with and looking for. I sought assistance for a specific interview that I am looking forward to. Not only did he provide tips and insights on the general interview process but he provided specific key words and phrases for me to use that should grab attention in a positive way. I would certainly recommend him to others.
J.G. June 14, 2016

Job Search Strategy/Steps forward to the dream job
Dear Steve,
Took your advice. Dropped off a handwritten card asking the president of the company for a meeting. His secretary got back to me with dates. When I met with Tom the Prez, I handed him a spiral-bound color printout of our 130-page report and pitched him for part-time leading to full time. I let him know about the leadership gap that was headed toward a missed opportunity for his firm. I was in and out in 20 min.

Within days I had business cards with the email and phones I’d recommended: Mostly going to my prospective boss except for the mobile. They’re going to post a part-time job. I’m going to apply. There will be a long discussion and (presumably) I’ll start in the NYC office 2 days/week.

The prospective boss – who runs the resiliency group (and who’s office phone is on my card) came to the pitch my team made today. It went splendidly. He’s no dope. He noticed. He’s also in touch with my old boss and the tech guys on our team. It’s looking good.

Thanks Steve! We’ll be in touch!!!!
B.K. May 4, 2016

Job Search Strategy
I met Steven at the Career Centre of the NYC Public Library. He was recommended to me as a very caring and knowledgeable Career Coach. Since our first meeting, Steven has provided me with very precise and relevant advice regarding my resume and letter of motivation. Steven’s coaching helped me score a job in a very short period of time. His incredible energy and positive attitude are a nice detail. I recommend Steven wholeheartedly
Many thanks to Steven Davis

Job Search Strategy
I’ve been to many talks on job hunting and resumes, but I’ve not found anyone other than Steven Davis who can provide such excellent individualized help. He coached me on talking points, encouraged me to negotiate and provided me the kind of key words I recognize now are essential to my narrative. Please accept my vast appreciation for this service. It’s very demoralizing to be out of work *again*. Encouragement like this makes a huge difference.
E.P. April 25, 2016

Job Search Strategy/Road-Map/Relocation
I met Steven at the Career Centre of the NYC Public Library. He was recommended to me as a very caring and knowledgeable Career Coach. Since our first meeting, Steven has provided me with very precise and relevant advice regarding my resume and letter of motivation. Steven’s coaching helped me score a job in a very short period of time. His incredible energy and positive attitude are a nice detail. I recommend Steven wholeheartedly.
E.P. Havas April 15, 2016

Executive Presence Coaching
Hey Steve

It is my great pleasure to meet you in person in mod 3. I just want to say “Thank you” for coaching me, and helping me with my career path. The experiences, suggestions you gave to me are invaluable to my daily life.
Please do let me know if you travel to Hong Kong one day, and keep in touch!
Thank you
JP Morgan Chase April 1, 2016

Job Search Strategy/Career Change
I decided to change careers and started attending seminars offered by different career coaches with respect to revamping my resume and LinkedIn profile. I came across quite a few, some were very good at self-promotion, some charged more than I thought they were worth, and some were just a flat out “no” in my mind. When I met Steven Davis, my gut instincts told me that this was the guy who would be doing my resume, even before I knew of his qualifications, his years in the business and how much he charged. I made an appointment with his office and during and after our meeting, I was further convinced that I had made the right decision. Steven is humble, gracious, knows what employers are looking for (he has a successful career in the HR/recruiting field for many years), and gives excellent suggestions about how to connect to potential employers. He is also very conscientious when working with you if you are out of a job/between jobs – unlike many other career coaches. The majority of the career coaches I came across will charge you an exorbitant fee to do your resume, in addition to another fee for setting up/reconstructing your LinkedIn profile. After my resume was completed, with the click of a few buttons Steven had my LinkedIn profile completed – in less than 5 minutes – at no extra charge! He has also given me valuable leads and LinkedIn contacts and I am very happy with the Finished Product. If you are looking for a new job, whether it is in your current field or you are about to change career fields, I highly recommend Steven Davis – the “go to” guy for your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters and career coaching needs!

A.A. March 31, 2016

Job Search Strategy
Good meeting with Steven Davis, who blends solid advice with real life practical suggestions. The single best such session I have ever had.
March 19, 2016

Job Search Strategy
Hi Steven, I hope you have been well. I wanted to send off an update to where I am since we met a few months back. As you know, I was not dealing with my job loss in the best way possible. I was anxious and very concerned about my employment and more so the ability to find another opportunity.

My last day at work was July 15. I am happy to say that I have landed a position at an IT services company on Aug 17th. There has also been movement with the Port Authority where i want to end up due to their stability and long term career opportunities. I have been back there a couple of times and each time leaving a solid impression on the hiring manager.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the generous time and effort you took with me during that time. I will always refer people to you and be a reference when needed. I saw the way you spoke to the people at the library that evening. You gave hope to everyone there including myself.

please keep in touch.
C.G.November 2, 2015

Resume Revision
Dear Steven,

I am happy to let you know that I have found an amazing job as a substitute teacher! I am thrilled! I have already worked two days and have been invited back to finish up the week. I feel my dream has been realized. Thank you so much for that awesome resume that made it all happen. I hope all is well with you and I look forward to hearing from you.
D.W. September 24, 2015

Job Search Strategy
Hi Steven,

I hope everything is going very well with you. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I’ve been in touch, but quite frankly, you’ve been so formative in my career building process that I needed some time to turn all the guidance you gave me into action. In short, it seems that as much as I tried to force myself to leave education in search of a new passion (and much better pay), I kept coming back to supporting students in an academic environment as the only field I can discuss with great fervor. I spoke to my current supervisor about expanding my role to gain more administrative experience and have since taken over our department’s online tutoring division to revamp our current system and retrain our employees. While this is still not a full-time position, it is a step closer, and I have you to thank for that! ”
E.B. August 20, 2015

Interviewing Techniques
“Hi Steven,

I was most fortunate to be a part of your “Ace Your Interview” class last week Thursday the 28th at New York Public Library’s SIBL wing. I was the tall photographer with several cameras. I can’t tell you what an impact your wisdom made on me. I learned so much and realize I have a long way to go. But at least you definitely pointed me in the right direction. Thank you!”
O.R. May 28, 2015

Job Search Strategy
“Dear Steve, I hope this email finds you well. Sorry for my silence. It’s been a tough mix, but life does that, no?

In any case, I wanted to let you know that I have accepted a position as Curriculum and Implementation Manager. I was able to negotiate a higher salary than my previous job and I start with two weeks paid training (remotely!) on or about June 17th.

I wanted to thank you for all your help, advice and tips. I don’t think I would have been able to open the window (well, door) to this new adventure without you. Thank you again,” R.G. June 1, 2015

Resume Revision/Negotiation/Networking/Interviewing
“I wanted to take a moment to circle back and provide an update on my job search. I’m happy to report that I was offered and accepted a position of Associate General Counsel for Global Regulatory Affairs at the global financial firm I have been interviewing with. I started on Monday, May 11th 2015.”

Resume Revision/Salary Negotiation
Steven, thank you very much for the support and insight you provided during this process, including the resume rework and guidance on salary negotiation. You helped to make a challenging time that much more manageable and I am very grateful.

I wish you continued success in all that you do and I’ll certainly keep in touch.

All the very best,”
A. R.

Executive Presence Coaching
“I simply cannot describe the enormous benefits I’ve drawn from my coaching sessions. One of the top 5 highlights for me from the E2 program is Coaching. My Coach gave me real advice, helped me grow as a better individual and a better professional. I can see visible changes in myself after undergoing the coaching sessions.”
JP Morgan May, 2015

Executive Coaching
“It was my first encounter with personal coach and initially I was quite skeptical. However now I understand value good coach brings. In addition to advice with various E2 assignment issues and help with development of my leadership, influential and communication skills coach helped me look at myself from different point of view. He also helped me with conflict resolution and E2/Work/Life balance.”
JP Morgan May, 2015

Executive Coaching
“He was extremely patient, enthusiastic and helpful when it came to my own struggles, goals and achievements. He took time to call out what I did correctly (celebrate the small things) and also to clearly identify what opportunities i can work on. ALWAYS provided real world “try this” examples to drive home the point.”
JP Morgan May, 2015

Executive Coaching
“Steven, you were a Godsend at the time when I needed you the most.

You went above and beyond in helping me get my new job and transition to my next phase in my career. You became my very good Friend on day 1. I was no longer in the dark on my own, wondering how to go forward. You shared all your expertise with me and then some. I learned a great deal from you. I still remember the conversations we had that covered a broad area of the job market. The insight you gave me as well as assistance in rewriting my resume was invaluable. Your job is so rewarding because you help other Human Beings, which is what Life is all about. I will never forget what you did for me. God bless you my Friend”…..

-John, JP Morgan

Executive Coaching
“Hello Steve! I haven’t accepted any offers yet..I’m still interviewing I want to make sure that my next opportunity is best for my career.

I get a ton of compliments on my resume & lot’s of unexpected interviews words honestly can’t express the level of gratitude that I have for you…you’ve truly helped me more than you know =).”

Ken, JP Morgan Chase

Executive Coaching

I just wanted to send you a note regarding my recent experience with Career Services in general and Steve Davis in particular.

As you can imagine, being in talent reassignment is a stressful time, filled with uncertainty and questions. But Career Services and more specifically, Steve Davis got me through.

I found Steve to be knowledgeable, supportive and an excellent advocate. He prepared me for interviews, checked to see how I was doing and provided excellent guidance in the workshops he hosted. There were more than a few times that I was going down an incorrect path. Steve was able to reach out the correct people to help me, give me honest feedback and help me get back on track. In the end, his guidance and support was a major factor in my finding another position.”

Executive Coaching
“Steve is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated recruiter.

He has an in-depth knowledge of the technology industry, well versed with current trends and markets, and has always provided sound guidance.”

-Global Network Operations Manager, JPMorgan Chase

“Steven is a detail oriented individual dedicated and professional in dealing with his clients.

He has helped me with my resume writing and interviewing skills. I would not hesitate to call upon his help in the future.”
J.J. August 31, 2015

Executive Coaching

-Reconciliation Analyst, JPMorgan Chase

“I would just like to say that because of you my experience has been very comforting in the difficult time.

I’m so grateful to have received a counselor like you. You’ve helped walk me through the process of grasping what was happening and what steps are needed to move forward. I am very appreciative of that. Your webinars have been very insightful and helpful as well. You’ve been professional and have had all lines of communication open for any questions that may have come up in the process. Thank you for all your help and guidance.”

-KM, JP Morgan Chase

“Steve Davis is the most conscientious recruiter I have ever worked with and I recommend him highly in any capacity.

I, personally have worked with Steve to fill positions on my staff for several years. In each case, without exception, he has made the recruiting process as easy as possible. He is knowledgeable in regards to the finance business, patient, well spoken, and listens attentitively to what his clients are asking for.

Specifically, Steve goes through a substantial due diligence process to screen candidates, looking not only for certain catch phrases and skill sets on a resume, but also conducting lengthy interviews to look for fit before submitting a person for consideration. As a result, from a hiring manager’s perspective, you simply need only to tell Steve what you are looking for and he will bring you a short list of highly capable people to interview. The process is simplified and quick with positive results for your team building.”
S.C. Blackrock


“Steve helped us to fill an extremely difficult opening at our global firm.

The characteristics of the person recommended for the position tells us volumes about Steve’s ability and persistence.”


“I highly recommend Steven for his staffing service.

I was looking to make a career change from a big consulting firm to a niche, industry focused consulting firm. Steven worked with me to identify my interests, career goals, and understand exactly what I am passionate about. He found the perfect opportunity that matched my skills and interests. He presented my case to my current firm, coordinated the interviews, and made the transition for me as smooth as possible. I am grateful to Steven’s services because without him I would not have found my ideal job. Thanks Steven, you rock!”

-Senior Analyst, Deloitte

“Steven Davis is my hero!

When I was out of work and my prospects were looking slim, I was fortunate to be contacted by Steve, for a position that would pave the way for my reinventing myself. He presented me to a hiring manager that did not want to see anyone without several years of consulting experience. After an initial conversation with Steve, he asked me take the job spec, and prepare some bullet points detailing how my previous corporate experience was analogous to consulting. Using this information, Steve made my case to the hiring manager, and I was subsequently offered the job. I now have a successful consulting career that would not have been possible if not for Steve’s creative, out of the box approach.”

-The Blackstone Group

“Steven was, in my opinion, the best counselor at JP Morgan Chase.

His patience and expertise helped me to interview with confidence. Because of Steven’s positive encouragement and direction I did very well in my interview with Dell and I am pleased to say I am a Senior Technical Analyst now, have great benefits and am very happy.”

-Senior Tech Analyst Dell Inc

“Steven was an invaluable resource when I was seeking a new position.

He helped me define my direction and bolstered my confidence. His work editing my resume made a huge difference in the number of responses I received. I believe that his coaching on my interviewing skills gave me the crucial help I needed to land my new role. I recommend Steven wholeheartedly.”

-Vice President/Senior Project manager, Bank of New York Mellon

“Hello, I would definitely recommend Steven Davis as a top level Career Counselor.

I was downsized from JPMorgan Chase in 2009 during the deepest part of the economic downturn. Things were going slowly for months and then Steve became my coach. He helped turned my search around and I ended up with an excellent position. He brings great knowledge and enthusiasm to his position. He is also a very personable and friendly individual. He showed me the ins and outs of the best way to conduct a job search and I would recommend him for anyone looking to make progress in their job searches and career development efforts.”

-Vice President/Senior Project manager at Bank of New York Mellon

“Steve Davis is a manager, career coach, IT recruiter, and program co-facilitator who achieves results!

He helps his clients to broaden their perspectives and knowledge about the career marketplace. Steve is highly effective in matching professionals with opportunities that meet their needs, and suit their individual self-expression. He maintains long-term, substantive relationships with his client companies, colleagues, and other business partners. Having facilitated numerous workshops with Steve, I have experienced first hand his talent in developing and presenting programs that motivate participants to make vital shifts in their career management strategies. He is a respectful, honest, and receptive collaborator who is open to diverse approaches. Steve’s distinguished ability to network, coupled with his energy and enthusiasm in initiating outreach to build strategic partnerships enable him to bring together outstanding panelists for his programs, and to continuously link needs with complementary solutions. I highly recommend him in each of his professional roles.”

-Hemda Mizrahi Global Leadership Coach & Change Facilitator

“Steve Davis was assigned as my Career Counsler during my transition from JPMChase.

Steve helped me understand and define a path and/or road map to finding new career options. He was available whenever I needed support or guidance and helped me rediscover lost self esteem and confidence. His experience was invaluable and his coaching style (while always professional) was sincere and authentic.

I feel extremley fortunate to have met Steve and would strongly recommend him to any potential clients or employers.”

-Facilities Manager Ally Financial

“I had the pleasure of working with Steven early in my sales career.

His tutelage and friendship made for a rewarding and valuable professional experience! Some of the most significant assets that Steven possesses is his candor, humor and understanding yet he is very focused on fulfilling his client needs. This is why many of those that work with him greatly appreciate his leadership. Even during difficulties, Steven managed to help create a motivating environment where ideas flourished. I feel very fortunate to have learned such skills and temperament from Steven.”

-Mobius Knowledge Services

“Steve is a extremely knowledgeable and dedicated recruiter.

He has an in depth knowledge of the technology industry, well versed with current trends and markets, and has always provided sound guidance.”

-Principal Consultant at ThruPoint

“I had great time with Steven yesterday.

He gave me very insightful comments on my job search and resume improvement. He also provided many useful ways to improve job hunting to make it more effective. I am very grateful for this service and Steven`s volunteer time. Thank you very much.”

-Volunteer work May 7, 2014

“Bill & I wanted to pass along to you and the group, what happened to me yesterday!

I was pumped up after our meeting, came home and immediately revised my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn page using in the techniques and suggestions that Steve provided.

I then applied to a dozen or so jobs online, one of which I had previously applied to one month ago.Within three hours of applying, the VP/GM sent me an email asking me to come in for an interview for a Director of Marketing and Events position (Long Island based). Now that is what I call real world results.

Please pass this along to the group and tell them to NEVER GIVE UP, thank you Mr Churchill. And I must ask that you tell Steve as well. He really opened my eyes and I am hoping that a few more of these calls and emails will come my way very soon.”


“Thank you for the opportunity to work with Steve Davis.

He has truly been inspirational and has provided the much needed support with my job search. On both occasions that I have had the pleasure of speaking with Steve, he has been both empathetic and provided the necessary structural support i needed to pursue job opportunities. While my time working with Steve was just over 30 days, he made a life long impression on my career and personal outlook.”

-SN, Application Developer

“From the moment I met Steven Davis it was obvious that he was passionate about his job and that he truly cared about the people he worked with.

He helped me take my resume from a complete disaster to something that feels much more polished and represents the person I am and the job that I want to obtain. He also helped me to clarify some of my career goals and started working with me on the best ways to achieve them. Steven goes beyond what is expected of him and is a pleasure to work with. If you are in need of career guidance I definitely recommend going to see him.”


“Amazing Career Coach!!!

My Career Coach, Steven, is outstanding! I am beyond impressed with the services offered through the NYPL! The weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders knowing that I now have Steven by my side to guide me through “Job Searching” with his extensive knowledge in doing so! I am thrilled that a dear friend of mine referred me to the NYPL!”

“Hi Steve, I wanted to reach out and thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put into not only me, but other colleagues as well.

I am happy to report I have accepted another position internally with JP Morgan and I will start my new position on December 16th. Thank you for helping me become a more appealing looking and sounding candidate; I am confident your advice and webinars played a large role in being selected for this opportunity. Have a great holiday and thank you once again.” December 4, 2013

“I want to let you know how grateful I am of all the help you had given me during my recent job search.

Your support and encouragement provided me the confidence needed to land a great job. I want to thank you for that!”