Your Job Search Strategy and Roadmap​

Job Search Coaching

There are two ways to conduct a job search:

  1. Reactive: Reply to job postings, respond to recruiters who request your resume 
  2. Proactive: Take control of your search

We produce success utilizing both methods.

Job Seeker Statistics, 2022 according to Zippia

The average job seeker uses up to 16 sources during their job search. The majority of them use websites and mobile apps to find and apply for jobs. Mobile-friendly job application portals are especially important to millennials, as 1 in 10 millennials would stop considering a company if they could not apply for the position using their mobile device.he

80% of jobs are filled through networking. 

Recent research shows that the majority of jobs in the U.S. are filled through networking or personal and professional connections. In fact, according to an article published by CNBC, roughly 70% of jobs are never published publicly on job sites.

Job seekers across the nation spend more than 10 hours every week looking for a job. They spend on average, 11 hours a week searching for jobs. A good chunk of that time is used to craft resumes and supplemental cover letters and portfolios, since 53% of U.S. employers say that a resume doesn’t provide enough information to assess a person’s professional abilities. We transfer knowledge with easy methods to revise resumes in order to get through ATS and recruitment scans and evaluations which absolutely increases the chances of securing interviews.

Job seekers who apply for 21 to 80 jobs have a 30.89% chance of receiving a job offer, according to BLS statistics. Meanwhile, job seekers who apply for 11 to 20 jobs have a 29.48% chance of receiving a job offer, and those who apply for more than 81 jobs have a 20.36% chance of receiving a job offer.

Our Job Search Methodology

  1. Take responsibility for managing your career. Don’t wait until you are either out of work, stressed out or frustrated enough to realize the need to build a better career.
  2. Understand that the old way of working for a company with loyalty and job security– is gone. Even if you currently work for someone else, think of yourself as an entrepreneur.
  3. Accept and work with change. It’s probable that you will have several careers during your life, possibly as a result of changes outside of your control.
  4. Create and grow a strong social network. Reaching out to people on a regular basis will strengthen your ability to drive your career. To build a better career, it’s vital to plan ahead of time.